Capturing maternity photos at 35 weeks pregnant

maternity photos

Maternity Photographer in Colorado Springs

Documenting your pregnancy beautifully

maternity photographer

Maternity Photographer in Colorado Springs

Hello, mama!

You are gorgeous and glowing. That sweet baby bump is getting bigger and bigger and you will soon have that sweet baby in your arms. Make sure to document this time before it’s too late. As a maternity photographer in Colorado Springs, I love capturing baby bumps so you can look back on this beautiful stage of life.

I recently had the opportunity to capture this beautiful mama, her handsome husband and their almost 2 year old just a few weeks before they will be welcoming their second little girl. I loved seeing the growing baby bump and I can’t wait to capture their newborn photos in a couple short weeks.

expecting your second baby

Maternity photography is so joyful. Capturing expecting mom’s and parents as they look forward to meeting their babies. This particular family was expecting their second little girl. Their love for each other, their love for their sweet baby girl already here and most importantly their love for their baby they are expecting shined through in these photos. They are middle school sweethearts and are now expecting their second child.

Colorado Springs maternity photographer
maternity photographer in Colorado

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Maternity Photos

This soon to be family of 4 laughed and played and danced during our time together. It was so fun to capture their authentic smiles and laughter. Sweet Hadley, almost two years old, loved being a part of the maternity photos and loving on her new baby sister. The best part about maternity photos with Stephanie Lynne Photography and Films is the play based approach that I take. I don’t let your kids know we are there to take photos, all they know is they have just met a new friend and we are going to have some fun together.

2 under 2

As a mom to 2 under 2 myself, 19 months to be exact, I know how exhausting it can be. I asked this mama what she was most nervous about and she said the first few weeks, sometimes months, when you just want to sleep when your baby sleeps and relax and recover from child birth. As a mom to 2 under 2, there is rarely sleeping when baby sleeps, and your recovery time can take much longer.

maternity photographer

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