Newborn family photographer – Colorado Springs

Newborn family photographer

the power of love

Family of 5

As a newborn family photographer I love capturing families with their new babies. This started soon after I had my first baby. I have hundreds of pictures of just him and of him and my husband, but I have only maybe 1 photos of him as a newborn with my husband and I both. I was tired, I was self conscious of the baby weight, I was overwhelmed with becoming a first time mother, but looking back I wish I had more than just the one iPhone photo of all 3 of us. No matter how overwhelming those first few weeks are, make sure you hire the best newborn family photographer to capture those precious moments as a new family. Whether you have 1 kid or 6+ kids, having several full family photo is so important.

New baby and the pups

Is there anything cuter than a baby and his new best friend, the family dog? I love the photos I have captured over the years with the dogs and each new baby we bring home. This is the best part of capturing photos in your home. You not only get the best family newborn photos you will also be able to capture beautiful photos of the baby and the dogs, cats, etc. Who do you think is bigger? The baby or the puppy?

Excited big brother and sister

If you are a mom of more than one baby I know you can relate to this. Isn’t it so excited to introduce your new baby to your first babies? This sweet babe was born at home (I was lucky enough to photograph that, too) and this big brother and sister did not leave mom’s side the whole time. When I came back for the newborn session they were just as thrilled to spend some quality time with their new brother. They couldn’t get enough of him.

Newborn family photographer – Colorado Springs

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