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Lifestyle Newborn Photography

Hi! I’m Stephanie Lynne. A newborn photographer based in Colorado Springs. I specialize in lifestyle newborn photography sessions. With over 10 years of experience in newborn photography, I have become a trusted and sought-after newborn photographer for moms and their families in the Colorado Springs area.

Approach to Newborn Photography

My approach to newborn photography is unique. Unique in that I focus on capturing the fleeting moments of new motherhood in the comfort of the your own home. To sum it up, you won’t find me putting babies in baskets in a studio, here. By creating a relaxed and comfortable environment, I am able to capture natural, authentic, and intimate moments between the mother, her family, and her sweet newborn.

Calm and Relaxed Atmosphere for Your Newborn Session

One of the reasons my clients have been thrilled with my work is because of my ability to create a calm and relaxed atmosphere. As any new mom (even if this new baby is your fourth baby!) can attest, the first few weeks after the arrival of a new baby can be chaotic and overwhelming. By bringing the session into the your own home, I am able to create a comfortable and familiar environment for the whole family. This allows for you to feel more at ease and less anxious. Which in turn, allows for more natural and authentic photos to be captured.

The Beauty in the Chaos

My approach to newborn photography is not just about capturing pretty pictures of the baby. But about capturing the unique bond family, especially a mom and her newborn. As a mom of four kids myself, I totally understand that the first few weeks after a baby’s arrival are a blur of sleepless nights, endless feedings, and diaper changes. But amidst the chaos, there are moments of pure joy and love. These are the moments that I seek to capture and live for! The beauty in the chaos.

Newborn Photographer Using Only Natural Light

One of the things that may set me apart from other newborn photographers is my use of natural light. I almost exclusively use and prefer to use natural light. Unlike artificial lighting, natural light creates a soft and natural look in my newborn photos. This allows for the photos to look more authentic and less staged. The use of natural light also adds a warm and cozy feel to the photos, which is perfect for capturing those fleeting newborn moments.

Experienced Newborn Photographer

Not to toot my own horn, but I know that you will want a newborn photographer that has experience. Not only good experience but one who has been recognized by not only previous clients, but also publications. My newborn photography has been featured in several publications, including The Bump, and I have been recognized as a top newborn photographer by Not to mention, the over 100 five star reviews from my clients speak for themselves.

Dedication to Newborn Photography

My dedication to newborn photography has allowed me to capture over 200 moms and babies just in the Colorado Springs area. My approach to photography is not just about capturing pretty pictures, but about capturing the raw and authentic moments between families. Whether it’s a newborn session or a lifestyle family session, I am committed to creating a comfortable and relaxed environment for her clients, and to capturing their memories in a way that is both beautiful and meaningful.

A Recent Newborn Photography Session in Colorado Springs

See more from a beautiful recent newborn session. I’m so thankful this beautiful family took me on their journey from start to finish. Starting with the pregnancy announcement photos at at the end of the first trimester to their maternity photos a mere few weeks before I photographed their beautiful birth and then finally met up with them again once they made it home with their sweet baby.

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Hi, I’m Stephanie

I’m your Colorado Springs Photographer. We probably have a lot in common. Besides being a photographer, I am an Air Force wife and mother to 4 children and 2 dogs. I am not a morning person and have a bad habit of staying up way too late. I start each morning with a cup of coffee and I think the outcome of my day solely depends on if I am able to finish that cup before it gets cold.

Stephanie Lynne

A photography session should not only produce beautiful images, but it should also be an enjoyable stress free experience. Online Booking, joyful sessions, optional short films, and digital downloads make everything simple and fun!

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fleeting moments captured in real time

These moments pass by far too quickly and we quickly forget them. Freeze time by adding a short film on to your newborn session and relive these precious memories through a documentary film for years to come.

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