How to prepare for your in home newborn photo session

What to Expect

How to Prepare for an in home lifestyle newborn session

As an in home newborn photographer, my goal is to allow parents to reminisce on this sweet and intimate time. These fleeting moments with your newborn baby don’t last. I want you to relive those first snuggles, itty bitty baby bits, and all the emotion and love. Shooting these sessions and films in the comfort of your home allows for parents to have all the normal resources, making everyone (including baby!) feel more comfortable and relaxed. The best part? The photos are real life! Whether it’s your dog checking in on their new sibling in the crib, or parents rocking baby to sleep in that chair that they’ll be spending SO many sleepless nights in, the session will truly reflect this wonderful (and a little crazy!) time in life. 

In home newborn photography- Let there be light!

  •  I will check out various rooms in your home to see which ones are the best for shooting lifestyle images. An in home newborn photographer will know how to make the best photos out of little light.
  • The rooms I generally focus on for lifestyle newborn photos are the master bedroom and the nursery. I have also shot in other rooms such as the kitchen and dining room before, too. Any room with good natural light is a candidate.
  • As an in home newborn photographer I will rarely ever use any artificial lighting other than my flash (if necessary), so there is no need to turn on any lamps or overhead lights.

What to wear?

Neutrals such as cream, taupe, gray, black, etc. generally photograph best, so I recommend simple, classic outfits for your family that complement each other. Go with a style you are comfortable with and that is “you.” Keep in mind you don’t want to overshadow the baby with too many prints and bright colors. Clothes should also be comfortable and easy to move around in so that your lifestyle images will look natural and reflect your true personalities.

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Get your outfits ready and prepare for a backup outfit…blow outs happen!

If you’re comfortable wearing a flowy sundress (even in winter), bonus points to you because they photograph great! Make sure you have a solid outfit ready for baby (a white onesie or muslin swaddle is always a great option) and perhaps a second outfit that shows a bit more personality. Make sure you have backups on hand for both you and baby! Unexpected blowouts or a big spit up might happen!




Depending on the layout of your home and the location of the windows, I may need to move small furniture around to achieve appropriate lighting for your family’s images. I promise I will put everything back as it was before I leave. Let your in home newborn photographer do the moving of furniture, you’re recovering from child birth, I am happy to help.



Don’t feel obligated to deep clean your home before I come over. You might want to take a few moments to tidy up the rooms where you think we are most likely to be shooting. Putting away items that you don’t want to see in your images (e.g. boxes of diapers, baby gear and gifts that are not being used, etc.). Beyond that, I love to capture your home and your family just as you are!



Your home does NOT have to be perfect. I promise. It’s your home and it’s supposed to look lived in. You can focus on de-cluttering your home, but I promise, while most people tidy up, you would be surprised by what’s behind the scenes that you don’t see. I am a in home newborn photographer but also a Mom of 4, I get it, there will baby things everywhere after welcoming a new baby.

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Having a warm place to shoot is important to a successful session. If you could raise the thermostat a bit before I arrive (or turn off the A/C in summer), that would be great. I love to get shots of baby’s hands, feet, belly button, etc., and we don’t want her to get too cold.


My style is very simple and classic so I do not generally use many props. However, I love to use items that have special significance to my clients. So if you have a particular item that you’d like to use (ex. knitted hat or blanket, family quilt, stuffed toy with sentimental value), please feel free to bring it out so we can incorporate it during the shoot. 

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Length of Session

A lifestyle newborn session usually takes 2-3 hours. Please don’t worry if it goes longer — our goal is to get the best possible photos, and I will stay as long as it takes to get a nice variety of shots. Remember how I said I was a mom of 4, believe me, I know things do not always go as planned.


I will do some directing/posing in order to ensure that the light is flattering to you and baby, but I also like to capture some unscripted moments, so don’t be surprised when I am clicking away during a feeding or diaper change or while you are comforting a fussy baby. Those images are often my favorites!  

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What if my baby is fussy?

Please don’t worry if the baby cries – we can stop for feedings or soothing as often as needed. Try not to get flustered or anxious if the baby becomes fussy at some point during the shoot. As a mom of four, I’m very familiar with babies and how they operate. Crying is totally normal and temporary.  I am not bothered in the least by a fussy newborn (or fussy toddler for that matter), so don’t feel like it is an imposition on me for your baby to act like a baby!

After your in home newborn photography session

As an in home newborn photographer I know how excited parents are to see their images. My turnaround time is about one-two weeks. I carefully select and hand edit each image in your gallery so that they look their best. When editing is completed, I will send you an online gallery where you can go through all of your images. You may possibly shed a few tears, and then you can select your most favorite 20 images (included in your session fee). Or, you will have the option to purchase additional digitals or the full gallery for a small fee.  If you added a short film to your session it will be delivered at the same time as your online gallery.

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