Family Photos in Colorado Springs

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Family Photos in Colorado Springs

Family Photos in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is a beautiful location for a family photo session, especially with the stunning mountains in the background. The natural beauty of the area adds an extra element of interest to the photos, and the mountains provide a breathtaking backdrop.

When planning a family photo session in Colorado Springs, it’s important to consider the time of year and the lighting conditions. The mountain landscape can be especially striking during the golden hour, just before sunset, when the light is soft and warm. This is also a great time to capture candid, natural moments between family members.

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“What Do I Do With My Hands?”

During your family photos I will always try to help with with simple, yet natural poses. Everyone always asks “What Do I Do With My Hands?” I totally understand the concern, but I promise, as I am looking though the camera with you and your family in front of it I am checking for all of these things.

If you are planning family photos in Colorado Springs with the mountains in the background, don’t be afraid to get creative and have fun with it. The combination of beautiful natural surroundings and the love and connection between family members will result in truly memorable and meaningful photos. Capturing the in-between and candid moments are truly my favorite.

What Do I Wear?

In addition to posing and composition, it’s also important to consider wardrobe and styling for Colorado Springs family photos. The mountain scenery often calls for more casual attire, such as jeans, boots, and blouses/button ups. However, it’s ultimately up to the preferences and personalities of the family. Feel free to mix and match different styles and textures to add visual interest to the photos. For example, you could pair a chunky knit sweater with a flowing skirt, or layer a leather jacket over a flowy dress. Dresses, skirts, etc always look so great beautiful on girls and add a lot of movement. Also, don’t be afraid to add color to your wardrobe choices. And, as always, feel free to bounce ideas off of me.

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Candid Family Photos in Colorado Springs

Finally, don’t forget to capture candid, natural moments during the photo session. While posed shots are important, it’s often the candid, unplanned moments that truly capture the essence of a family. I will Encourage your family to relax and be themselves. Meanwhile I try to capture your genuine emotions and interactions. These candid shots will often be the most treasured and meaningful in the final gallery.

Hiring a Photographer for Family Photos in Colorado Springs

Overall, a family photo session in Colorado Springs with the mountains in the background is a fantastic opportunity to capture stunning, family photos that will be treasured for years to come. With careful planning and attention to detail, I can create beautiful and meaningful photos that truly reflect the love and connection within your family. With 10 years of experience as a family photos photographer I know what it takes to truly capture your family in it’s best light. But literally and figuratively. Contact me to today to schedule your family photos session.

What To Expect with your 
Family photography session

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Pre COnsultation

We will start planning your perfect session. Everything from what to wear to which location best fits your family. Our pre consultation can happen via email or the phone. When booking a session a $50 deposit will be required to hold your session date.

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60 minute Session With Optional Wardrobe Change

We will spend a minimum of one hour together capturing the best memories of you and your family. You will have the option to change outfits midway through if you would like.

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60+ Hand-edited Images

After your session I spend time perfecting your images with hand edits. Typically final edits result in 60+ beautiful images for you to choose from. You can select 20 of your favorite photos (included in the price of your session) or purchase the full gallery for a small fee.

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sneak peeks

I know you’re excited to see your images! can’t wait to show you! I guarantee a sneak peek (or two) within the 48 hours of your session. Feel free to share these images with friends and family, I know they will love them!

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Final Gallery Review and photo selection with 1-2 weeks

After your session is complete and I have time to hand edit and perfect all of your images I will send you your gallery via an online gallery. After that you can choose your favorite 20 digital images (included in the session price). In addition to your session you can purchase the full gallery or short film for an additional fee. 

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A customized, stress free family session 

Most importantly, create lasting memories while I document them. My family sessions are different than what you might be used to. Above all, I just want you to have fun! I will help you pick out what to wear, find the perfect location, have the perfect quilt/blanket to sit on, and everything else. In short, all you have to worry about is making memories with your family and letting me capture your joy.

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capture life as it is now

I love working with families who want to capture life as it is now. Because in the blink of an eye, “someday” becomes a year from now. Throughout the tiresome days, tiny but meaningful moments are happening within your family that you won’t want to miss out on capturing. Things you don’t know you’re missing are the things you’ll always want to remember. The kiddos grow so much year to year and it is important to capture them in this season of life, whatever season that might be.


“My husband and I are awkward, will you tell us what to do?” Of course! I don’t like to do unnatural or super posed shots, but I will give you some light direction on how to stand or position yourselves so there are no awkward photos. I’ll encourage kids to relax, play and snuggle up with mom and dad. Tickle fights, silly words, or big bear hugs happen on the regular to capture the most authentic and genuine smiles. Don’t worry I’ll let you know if you’re doing something funny with your hands, or have a goofy face. I’m here to capture joy while making sure you look good! 

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As a family photographer and a mom of 4 kids, I am drawn to those candid moments, but I understand that most clients want classic, look at the camera and smile shots, too. We will do a mixture of both styles, with various backgrounds so you have a variety of images to choose from in your final gallery. I know my favorites won’t always be your favorites. If you prefer more candid than posed, or vice versa, just let me know either at booking or at the start of your session and I’ll make sure I capture photos you will love and cherish. 


Hi, I’m Stephanie

I’m your Colorado Springs Photographer. We probably have a lot in common. Besides being a photographer, I am an Air Force wife and mother to 4 children and 2 dogs. I am not a morning person and have a bad habit of staying up way too late. I start each morning with a cup of coffee and I think the outcome of my day solely depends on if I am able to finish that cup before it gets cold.

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Colorado Springs Family Photos

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