Hi, I’m Stephanie

I’m your Colorado Springs Photographer. We probably have a lot in common. Besides being a photographer, I am an Air Force wife and mother to 4 children and 2 dogs. I am not a morning person and have a bad habit of staying up way too late. I start each morning with a cup of coffee and I think the outcome of my day solely depends on if I am able to finish that cup before it gets cold.

Stephanie Lynne

When I am not behind my lens I am working for other Business Owners with their Search Engine Optimization. Photography and Business have always been a passion of mine. I have been a photography enthusiast since I was little. I was always the girl at school clicking my camera capturing memories. It’s a good thing I did, because I have an awful memory! At the age of 16, I was working a part time position in Best Buy’s camera department. This was when digital cameras were beginning to replace film cameras (I’ll let you do the math on how old that makes me!) I purchased my first digital camera soon after and I have been continuing to expand my capabilities as a photographer ever since.

In addition to always having an interest in photography, I have also always had an interest in business. In 2008 I received my Bachelor’s degree in business management, and in 2010 I graduated with my MBA. After graduating with my Bachelors and while working toward my Masters, I worked as a sales manager for a retailer. I liked different aspects of my job, but I had always dreamed of owning my own business. In 2012, when I welcomed my first child, I left my corporate world job and started working toward my dream job. Luckily, with my husband’s support, my dreams became reality in 2013 when Stephanie Lynne Photography and Films was born. I look forward to being your photographer and having the opportunity to capture special moments for you and your family!

Colorado Springs photographer

Whats my style?

Lifestyle Photography

I have been a Colorado Springs photographer for almost a decade and quickly realized lifestyle photography is what spoke to me. A lifestyle photography session is the perfect way to capture the every day life and love of you and your family. The best part of my job is documenting your life in the most unrehearsed way, and the beauty of a lifestyle session is you can make it your own. It is those raw moments that will mean the most to you years from now, not the perfectly posed images. I strive to make your whole photography experience just that, a customized, fun, and positive experience from start to finish rather than just another “Dreaded” photo session. Instead, you are at ease while I am capturing the real moments. All you have to do is be ready to have some fun and create some unforgettable memories.

Documentary Style Photos

You know how your children are often weird around strangers and sometimes throw tantrums in public? Not to mention totally unpredictable in front of the camera. That is the beauty of a session with me, because of the nature of the session kids feel at ease with me and think they have just made a new best friend and having the time of their life. Lifestyle photos are the most authentic kind of photos you will receive because no one can duplicate them. It is your beautiful life being captured. Don’t worry, I will get those typical “Look at the camera and smile” photos that we all want, but most of your session I will be capturing you, the love and emotion behind your family. Be sure to contact me if you have any more questions regarding your lifestyle session, I can’t wait to capture these memories for you!

My Brand.

My Story.

I’m an open book and my family, my kids and my business are such a big part of my life.

The inspiration behind my brand is from the Colorado Sunsets and the beautiful mountains. The mountains in my logo are sketched from the photos of mountains you see in so many of my photos. Above the mountains in my logo you will see 7 stars. 4 larger stars to represent the 4 kiddos I have here with me and the 3 smaller stars represent the babies we have lost along the way, two in the first trimester and one about halfway through my pregnancy. The most important thing in my life is my 4 kids but I will also never forget the 3 babies we lost in the journey to get our 4. In the past I have been very open about my journey to get here and our secondary infertility and miscarriages. If you are struggling with the same I am always here to talk.

My family and my business are what keep me going. All of you. Thank you to all of my wonderful clients that continue to trust me time and time again to capture joy for their family.

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