Two Mama’s and their sweet boy – Colorado Springs birth photographer

Typically when mamas are interested in hiring me as their Colorado Springs birth photographer we will meet for coffee or a snack so they can get to know me before inviting me to be there for one of the best days of their life. When Caley and her wife reached out we decided to grab coffee. They introduced me to a fun little coffee shop in Denver. We sat down to chat and ended up talking for hours. We hit it off instantly. It was like I had just reconnected with some old friends. They were so much fun, so in love, and so excited to meet their sweet baby boy. They had been down a long journey to get to this point and we talked about the hardships they had to overcome. 

A few days later I received an email from there asking if I would be there for their birth. I think the exact words were “will you be our baby mama photographer.” I laughed, and I was thrilled. I loved these mamas and was so excited they wanted me to be there with them. As the weeks went on we stayed in touch as we patiently waited for little Carter’s arrival, met one more time for dinner and talked about what the big day would be like.

 When his birth day finally came I was blow away by the love in the room. They were so thrilled to finally be meeting their baby boy. Unfortunately Caley’s birth did not play out as hoped and she had to be pulled back for an emergency C section, but what really mattered was they finally met the baby boy that had been dreaming about for months and he was absolutely perfect. 

To view this beautiful couples birth story and see the most adorable baby boy, grab your tissues and watch their sweet video below. 


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