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Capturing Joy

Summer sun joy.

There is nothing better than capturing military family photos, especially when knowing they are gearing up to have to say goodbye for an extended period of time. This evening was magical. Their little guy was full of energy and joy, that combined with the warm summer sun basking down on us, it was a night to remember. At the start of every family session I tell all my families that we are just there to have fun, no need to stress or feel tense (although I know its hard not to after getting ready for photos)! Just let your guard down and let your joy shine through so it is captured in your photos.

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photos of mom and dad

During a family photography session I always make it a point to capture just mom and dad. You deserve your moment together. Pretend the camera isn’t there and just gaze into each others eyes and remember what brought you to this point. Your love for one other and the beautiful family you have created. It is worth celebrating with photos of just the two of you!

Let’s get silly

You know how at home you’re often having to tell the kiddos to stop being so silly and focus for a bit? There will be none of that during our session. Don’t worry, I will still capture those everyone look at the camera and mile photos, but I want you to be silly. I want to capture your kiddo(s) having the most fun. Tickle fights, silly words, and big bear hugs are a standard practice around here

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