Fall Family Photos

Fall family photos

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Tips for a successful

Fall Family Photo Session

Prep the kids

Fall family photos are some of my favorites. The cool breeze through the trees, the gorgeous colors changing throughout the season, but most importantly the genuine smiles and laughter coming from the kiddos in front of my camera. My biggest tip for a successful family photo session is to not put too much pressure on the kiddos. When talking to them about where you’re going and that the photographer will be there taking photos of your family, make it fun! Rather than making it sound super regimented or boring, tell them how much fun it will be and that we are going on an adventure. I have a play based approach to my sessions so I let the kiddos warm up to me during our “adventure” and by the end of the session they don’t want to leave and I’ve made some new best friends. I promise by doing this approach we will capture not only the most authentic smiles, but we still get the classic everyone look at the camera and smile photos.

fall family photos
fall family photos

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Dress accordingly

If you’re from Colorado you will understand this, dress accordingly. Be prepared for either a 75 degree day at your fall family session or even possibly a 40 degree day. It’s Colorado and we have such large swings in weather. My best advice when planning for family’s wardrobe is maybe have a sweater on hand that you wouldn’t mind having to add in to the photos if need be. I know what your next question is, what do we wear?! I get it. Finding what to wear for your family can seem overwhelming. But, it doesn’t have to be. I love when families use neutral colors with some pops of color and texture. In fall I love the pops of mustard yellow, navy blues, hunter greens and maroon. It’s the perfect way to really showcase the time of year. Try to avoid neon colors or anything too bright. Also, try not to be too matchy-matchy, but you will want to coordinate. I do offer styling help. If need be, after you have booked your session I can send you a styling guide and help you one on one style your family. I can even send you links to great clothing choices based on your kiddos ages. It is only available to my clients, at no additional charge.

Eat before, not after

Take this advice with a grain of salt, you know your family best. But a quick side story, in June I had a photographer capture our family photos while we were on vacation. The start time was right around dinner time, and I thought, I don’t want to eat before, we will just grab something after. That was a terrible idea. My one year old screamed THE ENTIRE SESSION. Not even kidding. The whole time. I wish I had fed the kids before. If not dinner, maybe a It’s easy to skip dinner to save time, but it’s not always a great choice. Empty tummies make cranky families. Hangry Husband? I have one of those, too! Consider eating an early dinner at home, then change into your outfits before heading to your family photo session. Or if you need to grab something fast on the way to your session, just wear different clothes in the car and change into your family photo session wardrobe when you get there. If you eat before, you can always promise the kids ice cream after the session.

Fall family photos – Colorado Springs

Fall family photo dates fill up quickly, so don’t hesitate to reach out to book your Fall family session today.

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