Evelyn Mae’s Birth Story { Colorado Springs birth photographer }

I think there is something extra special about being asked to document the birth of a first child. As a Colorado Springs birth photographer I have witnessed many births, too many to count, but every single one is special and I connect with each birth client friend on a totally different level then other clients. Following a couple through their journey of pregnancy all the way to watching them become parents is absolutely perfect.

When I first met Melanie and Alex I knew their journey to parenthood would be awesome. You could see the joy in their faces during our first meeting (and they were only 16 or so weeks pregnant at the time!) and each time I talked to Melanie between then and her delivery you could see just how excited she was to welcome her first baby girl, Evelyn. As we touched base around 30 weeks of pregnancy she let me know she had already been having contractions and been to the hospital. When she told me that I thought for sure that she would have her sweet baby well before her due date. Little did we both know, little Evelyn would keep them waiting until a day past her due date.

Saturday, June 24th, was a perfect day to have a baby girl. Her labor started slow and we all thought she wouldn’t be joining this world until the following day. But, like a typical baby, they throw you off your game. She was born at 8:41PM only about 15 minutes after I made it to the hospital. After receiving a phone call at about 8pm letting me know that she was ready to push I raced to the hospital to make it just in time. Not many clients go from 1.5Cm to complete in a matter of 4 hours or less. But sure enough she did, and with only a few great pushes from her mama, Evelyn Mae made her appearance. Click on the video below to watch her beautiful birth story. 




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