Dual Military Family of 3 – {Colorado springs family photographer}

As a Colorado Springs family photographer, there is no question that I get the chance to photograph many Military Families. Even as a military family photographer , it isn’t very often that I have the opportunity to do a family session for a family with two military members. As a military spouse myself I have so much respect for military families, but especially for dual military families. There is so much sacrifice that comes being in the Military and for both Mom and Dad to make those sacrifices says a lot. I am so thankful I had the opportunity to be meet this family and capture these family memories for them while they were stationed in Colorado Springs.

All the stars lined up for this session. The perfect day, the best weather, a gorgeous military family with a beautiful daughter. Be prepared for a total overshare of photos, but I really can’t get enough of this session and this beautiful family of 3! Their daughter was full of energy and spark and an absolute blast! We had so many laughs throughout this session which made for a perfect session full of fun and laughter. 

I loved the families choice out outfits. The ruby red shoes, the yellow accent color, the hats, everything was perfect. Advice for your next family session, incorporate red and yellow! <3 
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