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Colorado Springs Photographer

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Colorado Springs Photographer

Capture your fleeing moments with a Colorado Springs photographer. Capturing memories for families all over Colorado Springs. Whether you are looking for a maternity photographer, newborn photographer, or family photographer. Stephanie Lynne can help capture your family memories.

Colorado Springs Family, Maternity, Birth, and Newborn Photographer

Stephanie Lynne, your Colorado Springs birth, maternity and newborn photographer is a professional photographer with over 10 years of experience. I specialize in capturing precious moments and memories for families. With my help you with have memories that will last a lifetime. I am a Mom to 4 kids in addition to being a Colorado Springs photographer. My goal is for photo session to be a comfortable and relaxed environment. Not only am I capturing memories for you, I hope that your family looks back at these joyful moments with a smile because you had a great experience. With Stephanie Lynne as your Colorado Springs Maternity and newborn photographer, you can preserve the special moments of your growing family and newborns for a lifetime.

maternity photography Colorado Springs


Maternity Photographer

You’re glowing! You may not feel like it, but you really are. That sweet little baby bump is getting bigger than ever. As a maternity photographer I know there is nothing sweeter than capturing these memories . Your maternity photos will be cherished and passed down to your children for generations to come. Maternity photos don’t have to be stressful, you’re beautiful and it is time to flaunt that baby bump.  My custom maternity sessions are unforgettable and leave you with beautiful images that you can’t wait to show off. Your baby will love looking back at the beginning of their story.

Colorado Springs birth photographer


Colorado Springs Birth Photographer

I am a mom of 4 and a birth photographer with almost a decade of experience photographing births. I truly understand the birth of a child is one of the most significant and beautiful events in life. Unfortunately without photos the memories fade quickly, probably because of the lack of sleep. It is no surprise that more and more families are turning to professionals to help them document these first moments with their baby. I have birth photos and films from my third and fourth births but not from the first two and the lack of photos and memories I have from those first two babies pains me every day. There is nothing more powerful than capturing the power of love.


Newborn Photographer

As a mom myself, I know there is nothing better than soaking up those sweet newborn snuggles. In a nutshell…don’t expect to find any baby in a basket style photos here. I jump right in and capture the moments that matter. Those tiny fingers wrapped around yours, the way they watch you with a quiet intensity. Your photos and film will reflect all of those things and more. Welcoming a new baby is nothing short of a miracle. Life as you know it will never be the same. Whether you are a first time parent or already have a handful of children. I am dedicated to capturing your family’s story. It is no doubt that these fleeting moments will pass far too quickly.

Capturing the Beauty in the Chaos

Colorado Springs Family Photographer

As a family photographer, I know there is an art to capturing emotion, and my passion is just that. I strive to document the real, raw moments that will mean the most to you years from now. Each family session is unique because no two families are like. I shoot with a whole lot of love and joy in order to capture the most authentic smiles. I love to capture it all, the big moments and the small details, they are all part of your story. During our time together your children will think we are on a play date or an adventure so they are having fun and engaged, it’s a play based approach and it always works!

Family Photography in Colorado Springs

Whether you are a Colorado Springs resident, or maybe you’re visiting from out out state. No matter why you are here, you should capture these family memories. The best part about family photography in Colorado Springs is there are so many gorgeous locations to choose from. I know that this time with young kids feels chaotic, and you’re tired of hearing people say “soak it up, it goes by too fast.” But it’s true. The time now is now, capture the beauty in the chaos and document these fleeting moments.

Colorado Springs Videographer For Families

Hello, friend!

I know this time of your life, with young kids, feels crazy. Chaotic is the best term. Capturing these moments on video will help you relive these moments years from now when you’re a little more well rested and have a fresh set of eyes. My short films are the perfect addition to your family , birth , or newborn photo session.

Short Films for Family, Birth and Newborn Photography 

As a Colorado videographer I know the importance of capturing it all. The inside jokes, the glances you share, the way your son looks at you with complete admiration, the crinkle in your daughters nose when she smiles, I promise you these tiny details that you love now will change so must faster than you think.


Why Hire Colorado Springs Photographer, Stephanie Lynne Photography?

I live for these moments. The beauty in the chaos. It sounds cliche, but the days are long (so very long) but the years are truly short. I know what it’s like to not have a well documented childhood. My parents have one professional family portrait of our family growing up. I was in probably third grade, had a bowl haircut with big ol’ glasses, and the cheesiest smile. The photo was probably taken at JC Penny or Sears, That’s it. that’s the memory! I so desperately wish I had more documentary photos of me and my brothers. We fought all the time, oh goodness did we fight, but I know there was the beauty in the chaos. In the thick of it all, I know there is beauty to be captured. Hiring a Colorado Springs Photographer like myself, is the best way to document these fleeting moments. Let your children look back on photos of them with their families with true joy and laughter.

Mom to 4 kids

I can relate. I know getting 4 kids ready for family photos is stressful. Kids won’t be on their best behavior (and that is ok!). Hire a fellow. mom, one that can relate to the chaos of the Family photo session. I promise I won’t judge when your kids are fighting or talking back.

Laid Back Colorado Photo Sessions

I don’t need you to come dressed the the T, unless that’s your style. You just come as you. Dress comfortably and be ready for a relaxed photo session where my main goal is to capture the true authentic joy your family radiates in the in-between moments.

Stress Free Photo Sessions

You know how your husband hates family photos? I get it, mine isn’t a big fan either. The difference is he probably hasn’t experienced a photo session like mine. Stress free, no forced smiles, just fun, family time and pure laughter.

Plan Your Colorado Springs Photography Session 

Let’s chat! Let me know about you and your family and what kind of Joy you are ready to capture? Maybe its a maternity session for your first baby (or your fifth baby!), or a newborn session, or updated family portraits. No matter what kind of Colorado Springs photography you’re looking for. Im your girl. Your friend and photographer that is ready to capture your pure joy. I can’t wait to start planning the perfect session for you and your family!

Ready to capture your family’s joy?

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