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the power of love

Big sisters joy.

One thing I will never regret capturing is siblings. This can often be the hardest part of a newborn session, but is just as important as capturing mom (or dad) with their new baby. As a Colorado Springs newborn photographer I know that parents are going through a huge adjustment when we add a new baby, but we also know our first baby is also going through a huge adjustment. Sometimes it is obvious that a child was born to be a big sibling. That was definitely the case with this session. As soon as I arrived, big sister was laying on the bed holding her baby brother. She was such a little mama already and taking such good care of him. As a Colorado Springs newborn photographer I have seen a lot of big siblings, and it takes some to adjust to being a big brother or sister longer than others. And that is ok, too.


Package 2

snuggling new baby

As a Colorado Springs newborn photographer I decided early on (8+ years ago) that I only wanted to shoot natural, organic in home newborn sessions. I do love seeing the cute babies posed with props and all wrapped up in a cute wrap, but there is nothing better than being able to capture a family in their natural environment. In most cases I get the most organic smiles, laughter and love captured on my camera. I know these are the memories they will want to look back on and remember. These are the moments that matter the most, the moments that we quickly forget because of the lack of sleep. These are the moments your baby will love to see when they’re older.

bundle of joy

There was nothing but joy beaming from this family as we spent time together capturing their bundle of joy. He was the sweetest little thing, he looked up to his big sister so much already with those big blue eyes. Isn’t it funny how you can sense a baby’s temperament so early on. He was so clam and happy during his session which makes me think he might just be that way as he grows older.


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