Are Newborn Photos Worth It?

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Are Newborn Photos Worth It?

Putting aside the fact that I am a newborn photographer, I absolutely think newborn photos are worth it. I am a Mom of 4 and only have true professional newborn photos with 2 of my kids and I absolutely regret not having them with older two. Keep reading to learn more about why I don’t think you will regret investing your hard earned money on newborn photos.

Are Newborn Photos Worth It

Newborn photos can be a great way to commemorate the arrival of your new baby. It’s the perfect way to capture the fleeting moments of their earliest days. The unique features of your newborn, such as their tiny fingers and toes, delicate facial features, and expressions can be beautiful and heartwarming to look at. As your baby grows quickly you won’t regret having the memories of this time captured in timeless photographs. They will become valuable as the years pass and your baby is no longer a baby.

How Much Do Newborn Photos Cost

It is important to keep in mind that the decision to spend money on newborn photos is a personal one. The value placed on newborn photography will vary from person to prison. Some parents may prioritize newborn photos and opt to purchase the largest photo package in addition to a short newborn film documenting this time. Nevertheless, for those who do choose to invest in newborn photos, you won’t regret having these memories of you and your baby capture in the home you brought them home to. To learn more specifics about my cost of newborn sessions visit my newborn photography pricing page.

In Home Newborn Photos

In home newborn photography is a great way to capture timeless photos of your sweet baby, in the comfort of your own home. This is but the most comfortable way to capture your family with the new baby. New babies tend to be fussier when they are not home where they are familiar with their surroundings. You and your baby will be comfortable with everything you need right there with you. Don’t worry your home doesn’t need to be magazine perfect, I promise we capture the best angles, best lighting and capture priceless memories of you and your sweet newborn baby.

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I love working with families who want to capture life as it is now. Because in the blink of an eye, “someday” becomes a year from now. Throughout the tiresome days, tiny but meaningful moments are happening within your family that you won’t want to miss out on capturing. Things you don’t know you’re missing are the things you’ll always want to remember. The kiddos grow so much year to year and it is important to capture them in this season of life, whatever season that might be.


“My husband and I are awkward, will you tell us what to do?” Of course! I don’t like to do unnatural or super posed shots, but I will give you some light direction on how to stand or position yourselves so there are no awkward photos. I’ll encourage kids to relax, play and snuggle up with mom and dad. Tickle fights, silly words, or big bear hugs happen on the regular to capture the most authentic and genuine smiles. Don’t worry I’ll let you know if you’re doing something funny with your hands, or have a goofy face. I’m here to capture joy while making sure you look good! 

Family Photgraphy



As a family photographer and a mom of 4 kids, I am drawn to those candid moments, but I understand that most clients want classic, look at the camera and smile shots, too. We will do a mixture of both styles, with various backgrounds so you have a variety of images to choose from in your final gallery. I know my favorites won’t always be your favorites. If you prefer more candid than posed, or vice versa, just let me know either at booking or at the start of your session and I’ll make sure I capture photos you will love and cherish. 

Hi, I’m Stephanie, your Colorado Springs family photographer

I’m so glad you’re here! I am a family photographer with over 10 years of experience specializing in family, maternity, birth, newborn photography and short films.

We probably have a lot in common. I am an Air Force wife and mother to 4 children(and 2 dogs). Most days feel long, but I know the years are short. I am just trying to slow down time and create joyful memories with my family. My mornings usually start with a kid or two waking me up. I start each morning with a cup of coffee. I think the outcome of my day solely depends on if I am able to finish my cup before it gets cold.

A photography session should not only produce beautiful images, but it should also be an enjoyable stress free experience. Online Booking, joyful sessions, optional short films, and digital downloads make everything simple and fun!

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Are Newborn Photos Worth It?

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