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Stephanie Lynne is Colorado Springs family photographer also specializing in maternity, birth and newborn photography.  Providing a fun filled, natural session, capturing memories that create timeless photos to cherish. Serving Colorado Springs and the greater Denver area.

As a Colorado Springs family photographer I have had the opportunity to photograph beautiful families in some gorgeous locations. There are so many beautiful locations within the Colorado Springs area, but today I am going to highlight some of my favorite locations that my clients can choose from.

When you decide to hire me as your photographer, I know you have a vision of what you want your photos to look like. Maybe you fell in love with some friends photos that I captured, or fell in love with the photos you see on my website. Either way, I want to make sure we find a location and backdrop that fits your vision. I want you to imagine your family in the moment, creating lasting memories while I capture gorgeous photos for you.

Keep in mind the following locations are just ideas, and I am always willing to travel to other locations (think your home, your backyard, downtown city environment, your favorite park, etc.). These just happen to be some of my favorites in the area.

Keep in mind that these are samples. Lighting and time of the year plays a huge role in photos, and although I will do everything I can to duplicate some of your favorite photos that you come across, I unfortunately can’t control Colorado weather and the position of the sun. But luckily with over 300 sunny days a year, its likely that the weather will be in our favor!

Location 1: Gorgeous forest like scenery. Being that we live in the gorgeous state of Colorado, most clients tend to immediately want mountain views for their photos, but this is one of my favorite locations despite not having mountain views. The trees, the greenery, the gorgeous light dabbling through those tall trees, it makes for very dreamy, classic family photos. Imagine you dancing with your littles, laying out on a blanket giggling, skipping through the trees. There is no doubt that this location will provide a gorgeous backdrop for your family photos.

Forest like photos Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs family photographer


Location 2: Beautiful Open Space with Mountain Views. The Pictures and description is all you really need to understand the beauty of this location. It’s unique and adds for a fun vibe. Nestled in the northern part of Colorado Springs you would never know this was here. It is a small area, and doesn’t have a lot of variety, but it does allow for gorgeous photos year round.


colorado springs family photographercolorado springs family photographercolorado springs family photographercolorado springs family photographer

Location 3: Beautiful Park with rocks and unbelievable city and mountain view. This location is gorgeous in so many ways. There are several different areas that we can photograph at to make for a wide variety of photos. You can’t beat the view and the gorgeous trees surrounding.

 Colorado Springs family photos

Location 4: Beautiful Park with multiple hiking trails and different spots to photograph in. This park is a little more wide spread and we will do some walking to explore and find gorgeous spots to take your photos. The mountain views and gorgeous, but you will need to expect an uphill walk to reach the peak point for mountain views.


Location 5: Gorgeous park with a tree covered area as well as mountain views. This is probably my favorite location for Fall photos.

colorado springs family photographer

Location 6: Beautiful open field with views of the mountains and US Air Force Academy. Very fun, light and airy location. Little to no trees, but the most gorgeous views. The photos will really focus on you, your family and your love.


Location 5: Your home! I know this isn the norm, and isn’t what you would typically consider, but I promise no matter the size or location of your home we can capture some gorgeous images. This provides for a timeless photo and memories made within your own space. Are your kids difficult in front the camera sometimes? Usually if you are in your own environment it is easier to capture those real smiles and giggles. You don’t have to have the perfect set up, but we can use multiple rooms within your home. The best part? We get to incorporate your pets too!

colorado springs newborn photographer

Colorado Springs newborn photographercolorado springs newborn photographercolorado springs newborn photographer


Let me know what location speaks to you the most. These are your photos, your memories, we want to make sure they are exactly what you envisioned. You can’t go wrong in this beautiful state, either way we will capture some beautiful photos for your sweet family.


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