Newborn Photography

In home newborn photographer

You just had a beautiful baby. You are amazed at how quickly they are growing day by day. Their little noses and pouty lips will never look the same. What is next? You should most definitely hire an in home newborn photographer.

Indoor photography is an art that only an experienced photographer can master beautifully while using available light. As an in home newborn photographer I focus on my clients comfort right after having a baby. Rather than having to pack everything and head to a studio to a capture your baby’s first professional photos, why not have them captured right in the comfort of your own home. You spent months preparing your baby nursery, you should use that as a backdrop to all of your beautiful newborn pictures.

As your newborn photographer I will go through your house and find the rooms that offer the best available light. Only in desperate measures will I use flash photography. I like to capture the beauty of your house as you know it. No need to clean up everything and have the room in perfect condition (I’m jealous of any new mom that can do this) because I was not one of them!