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Colorado Springs newborn photographer

First baby girl. {Colorado Springs newborn photographer}

View more of my Maternity and Newborn gallery Newborn Photography – What to Expect Contact Stephanie Lynne First time parents – First baby girl.  Colorado Springs newborn photographer As a Colorado Springs newborn photographer I have seen many parents welcome their first children. Not that subsequent children aren’t exciting, but there is something different about welcoming your first. You are entering this unknown territory and can’t wait to see what you will be like as parents. This beautiful first time […]

Colorado Springs newborn photographer

Baby makes 3. {Colorado Springs newborn photographer}

View more of my portfolio Newborn Photography – What to Expect Contact Me Baby Makes 3.  Colorado Springs newborn photographer  As a Colorado Springs newborn photographer I have the privilege of meeting and capturing memories for several families between here and Denver. I love that each day is never the same and I get to meet people from all walks of life.  Several months ago this beautiful mama contacted me about booking her in home newborn session. She had the […]

Colorado Springs newborn photographer

Third time mama maternity pictures. {Colorado Springs newborn photographer}

Third Time Mom Maternity Photos Colorado Springs newborn photographer As a Colorado Springs newborn photographer I love documenting the journey from pregnancy to newborn. When a client friend asks me to document both their maternity and newborn photos I am so excited. There is nothing better. Seeing that baby bump growing, watching the older siblings get so excited about whats to come, and seeing the mom’s excitement and fears all at the same time.   This gorgeous mama and her husband […]

Colorado Springs newborn photographer

Outdoor Maternity photos { Colorado Springs newborn photographer }

Being a maternity, birth and newborn photographer in Colorado Springs and Denver, I love capturing each moment of pregnancy. Every pregnancy is worth celebrating and documenting. You will never get this moment back. The moment you can’t see your feet any more, but rather you look down and see a big round belly that is creating life. Your baby moving and creating a ripple/wave effect across your stomach. Its the most beautiful thing to experience. As new mamas we are overwhelmed […]

Colorado Springs newborn photographer

Surprise Gender! { Colorado Springs newborn photographer }

As a Colorado Springs newborn photographer I love that my job is to snuggle with babies. Especially when my friends hire me as their newborn photographer, so I overstay my welcome and snuggle even longer. This beautiful couple are not only good friends that trusted me to capture their newborn photos, but they also let me capture their gorgeous maternity photos. Mama is obviously gorgeous, so it made it easy to capture her beautiful photos!  Little Jewel was a surprise […]

It’s a Boy! {Colorado Springs newborn photographer}

It’s a Boy! Welcoming a baby into your life is such a blessing. I still remember the day we found out we were having a boy, I was shocked (because I was convinced it was a girl). None the less within minutes we were both thrilled and immediately went shopping for cute little boy things (let’s be honest, the girl section is always cuter).  I first met this beautiful family several years ago, before babies were on their radar. They […]

in home newborn photographer

Beautiful Baby Rose {Denver Newborn Photographer}

Newborn sessions are one of my favorite sessions. Really, all things baby, I can’t get enough. The fresh baby smell will get you every time. As a Colorado Springs and Denver newborn photographer I absolutely love photographing the simple, raw moments. The baby in her own element, the parents falling more in love with their baby (and each other) in each moment, capturing the nursery just as it was the day they brought their sweet baby home, and of course, […]

First time parents announce pregnancy! {Colorado Springs newborn photographer}

First time parents announcing their pregnancy! Baby Long coming May 2017.  Colorado Springs newborn photographer As a Colorado Springs newborn photographer I love helping families announce their pregnancy, and follow them on their journey to welcoming their baby. There is nothing more exciting (and slightly terrifying) then seeing those 2 lines and/or the word pregnant when you take a pregnancy test! It was no different for this beautiful couple. They couldn’t be more excited to announce to their friends and family […]

3 boys ages 3 and younger {Colorado Springs newborn photographer}

Colorado Springs newborn photographer Sweet Eli – 9 days new There is no question that I absolutely love being a birth and newborn photographer. There is something so sweet, special and usually peaceful about photographing new babies. A couple weeks ago I photographed the sweetest little boy, at just 9 days new, Elias or “Eli.” As I traveled down to photograph this sweet family and their new baby in the comfort of their own home, I knew they had other boys, […]

Beautiful Baby Girl {Colorado Springs newborn photographer}

Baby Girl and her protective Dog  Colorado Springs newborn photographer Today on the blog I am sharing a beautiful newborn session. This family is a military family and the sacrifice this little girls daddy makes every day is so admirable. She is going to grow up to be so proud of her family and where she came from. Several days before this sweet girl was born I was meeting her mom to discuss the upcoming session and we were chatting […]