It’s a girl! { Colorado Springs newborn photographer }

Welcoming a baby, especially your first, is such a life change. The lack of sleep mixed with trying to get to know your baby and her wants and needs can be overwhelming. As a Colorado Springs newborn photographer I have had the privilege of documenting so many families in those first few weeks of life. I really get a good reminder of how difficult those first few weeks (okay, months) can be. Some handle it better than others, and I can say this mama handled it beautifully. Not only did she look so put together just days after having a baby, but those big stressors didn’t seem to bother her one bit. She deserved an award for handing the newborn stage like a champ. I definitely did not. Lack of sleep does not look good on me and I don’t handle the newborn stage with such grace. I am always blown away when I see how well some new mom’s handle this difficult stage of life. 

Because of her parents, this baby girl will undoubtedly grow up to know what strength, dedication and hard work looks like. Her beautiful mama is in the Army and met her Daddy while she was deployed. Now they are back here in Colorado Springs with their beautiful baby girl and living their best life. It was so great to be able to see the love that this couple has for not only one another but for their baby. Daddy could not stop smiling and has such a big heart. You could see love beaming from him at every second. 

What a gorgeous family of 3! 

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